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Wonderspaces & Hanks Restaurant

Last month we went to Austin and checked out some great spaces! First was dinner at Hank's. This restaurant is most known for its breakfast, but their dinner was good too. Their portion sizes are perfect (we actually ate all of our dinners with no leftovers!) and their in-house ice cream was AMAZING! I am not an ice cream girl and even I couldn't get enough. I had their burger and fries, while Victor had their hot chicken sandwich and fries. I enjoyed mine, but Victor said his sandwich wasn't spicy enough . . . this man loves a ridiculous amount of spice so I am sure it had the right amount of kick to it. And the desert . . . I am still drooling over the desert. We had their doughnut holes with ice cream. Highly recommend.

We will defiantly be back! The next time to try their breakfast.

Courtesy of Unsplash

Our next stop on date night was Wonderspaces in Austin, Texas. This is an interactive art gallery and is actually a lot of fun! The drinks were good too. We were able to walk around, interact with the galleries, and just let loose and have fun. We spent a good couple of hours here.

Wonderspaces is also a great space for a girl's night!

A little snippet of Wonderspaces in Austin, Texas. Video by @colonial.farms.

Outfit details on my Instagram! And the drink is the Hibiscus Margarita AND you get to take home the cup as a souvenir!!

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