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The Lush Life

For myself, and many others, farming is not just a career choice, but a way of life. It's about living off the land and providing for yourself and your community, which includes living a sustainable life.

Everyone has their own definition of sustainable, but for me, it's being mindful of how I treat animals, nature, and the planet. Making sure that I am doing everything I can to give back and make things better than they are. This means supporting local ranchers and farmers, learning everything I can about regenerative agriculture and gardening, and paying attention to the products I use. For me, it's about doing what is healthy for the environment and using its power and natural resources organically.

Courtesy of Unsplash

One of my all-time favorite companies that I am more than happy to support in the movement of sustainable living is Lush. There are so many GREAT things about this company! Where do I even start . . .

Lush is a skincare, haircare, and cosmetic line that lives and breathes sustainability. They source raw materials while sustaining and preserving the lands they come from. For example, Lush uses salt that they source from the flight path of birds. Their supplier, not only harvests their saltworks but also works to protect and sustain the salt marshes of the western Algarve in Portugal. Preserving these beautiful and important coastlines is essential to the wildlife flourishing there and the generations of salt shepherds to come, so Lush is doing everything it can to protect those birds and the salt shepherds.

They believe that ethical practices should be business as usual, they will never conduct or commission animal testing, they use only vegetarian ingredients in their products, they actively campaign on the issues of Animal Rights, Human Rights, and Environmental Protection, and they are committed to exceeding government minimum standards of staff wages and conditions in all countries in which it operates. They believe their impact on the planet through the ingredients they use, the way they manufacture and transport goods, or how they generate energy, must give back more than it takes, they use naked products, renewable energy, recycled materials, and so much more!

There is an abundance of great with this company and so much more to read when it comes to what they stand for, sustainable practices, company values, and more! Not to mention the products are truly amazing! My skin and hair have never felt so good.

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