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The Gardeners Journal #2

HERBS! I love herbs!

Herbs are used for so many purposes outside of the kitchen. You can use them in essential oils, as well as for medicinal use (medicine).


Courtesy of Unsplash

I love cooking with fresh herbs and making my own seasoning blends. You can really tell a difference in your flavor profiles when cooking. Going into your backyard, harvesting what you need for your recipe, and adding that fresh, fragrant herb to your dish makes all the difference in your cooking!

However, just like growing vegetables and flowers, it can be intimidating and a little scary to start your adventure of growing your own herb garden, no matter the size of your garden. But don't worry! No one is perfect and this is how we learn as gardeners and farmers. We learn as we go! Plus, I am here to give you some tips and tricks I learned through my own trial and error. Error is where you learn, this is how you grow and adapt and become successful, so don't be afraid to mess up.

"Homegrown herbs add a unique depth of taste and variety of nutrients to countless foods and beverages". - Grown Your Own Herbs

Cooking With Herbs
Cooking With Herbs

Courtesy of Unsplash

There are so many benefits to growing your own herb garden, but some of my favorites outside of enhancing your family meals and cocktails are to live sustainably, save money, and the amazing aromas!

Save Money

The expense for dried herbs is ridiculous and purchasing fresh herbs from the grocery store or your local farmer's market isn't much cheaper. Also, fresh herbs don't last that long once they have been harvested meaning you have to turn around and use them fairly quickly once you purchase them (2-3 days max).

Purchasing herbs yourself, whether you purchase seeds or the plant already ready to be repotted, will cost you less in the long run because it will provide you with a bounty of harvests throughout the growing season. If it's a perennial, it will even come back year after year as long as you take care of it. AND you can even make your own dried herbs!

The Amazing Aroma

One of the biggest benefits of growing your own herbs that you don't get when you purchase them locally is all the amazing smells! During the growing season, you will get a melody of beautiful scents wafting through your home and backyard (wherever your herb garden may be). Not only is this immensely satisfying, but it will inspire you to whip up some beautiful home-cooked dishes.

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