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The Gardeners Journal #1

I do not have a natural green thumb. I have had to work really hard to get where I am at today and every day I am still learning and growing as a gardener and in my confidence to be a farmer. I love the hard work, the gratification, and providing for myself, my family, and my community.

So I wanted to share my gardening journal entries to take you along my journey! To share my successes and failures as I learn and grow. My hope is that they will provide the support and confidence you need to start your own gardening path and help you learn as well.

Courtesy of Unsplash

Okay! I am gearing up for my spring garden. This year I am confined to a small space, a patio to be exact, so I am going to be starting a patio garden. I will be growing everything out of containers. The other factor I am fighting with is limited sun, so I need to make sure that everything I choose to grow can grow with the light sun.

What am I growing?

I am ordering all of my seeds from Johnny's Selected Seeds and I am only ordering organic.

Peppers: Flavorburst (bell)

Baron (poblano)

Lunchbox (sweet pepper mix - snack size)

Tomatoes: Sakura (cherry)

Toronjina (cherry)

Blue Beech (roman)

Strawberries: Elan

Flowers: King Size Apricot (aster)

Dalmation Peach (bell)

Gay Tabor (narcissos)

I am behind the ball, as everything needed to be ordered last month along with my supplies purchased and my soil prepped. I am not sure how the growing season is going to pan out, but I am still going to try!

I not only need to order my seeds, but pick up some pots, tools, and organic soil/mulch. I also need to do some reading on preparation, growing, and harvesting. Needless to say, it's going to be a busy month but I am so excited and ready to get my patio garden underway!

Here are some of my favorite sources to gather information!

Wish me luck! I will check back in with all of you once I have all the supplies gathered! Any tips or advice is ALWAYS welcome!

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