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South Padre Island

When it comes to South Padre Island, there are some pros and cons. As for me, I liked the beachfront property we stayed at. We had great views of the ocean (gulf side) that we were able to enjoy from our balcony, as well as private access to the beach. The beach was sandy, as opposed to rocky like the beaches in Corpus Christi, and clean. But, I did not like the area as much. For me it seemed run-down and dirty, a little sketchy, and the food isn't that good. Port Aransas would be a better choice.

Besides this, we did have a great time!

Crystal Beach, Texas
Crystal Beach, Texas

Photos by @colonial.farms. You can find more images located in 'The Gardeners Portfolio'.

D​olphin Watching

Venture out into the Gulf and enjoy a relaxing 90-minute dolphin-watching tour. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for pods of Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, while enjoying the ocean breeze and open water. You can either take the trip during the day or right before sunset. I highly recommend the sunset tour! Not only is it a little cooler, but you get to spend the beautiful sunset out on the water.

We took our tour with Isla Tours.

Photos & Video by @colonial.farms.

South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center

South Padre Island Birding and Nature Center is the perfect place to observe birds, butterflies, and natural wildlife in coastal South Texas. I highly recommend taking a stroll and spending the day or half day exploring the nature center on South Padre Island by walking the bay front boardwalks, taking a birding tour, and exploring the natural life of the Rio Grande Valley.⁠


If you're an adventurous soul like us, then you're going to enjoy this next suggestion . . . PARASAILING!!!!⁠

Combine views and excitement on a parasailing adventure that enables you to glide over the coast of South Padre Island. Great for everyone from kids to adventure junkies, the safety-conscious and entertaining staff ensure a fun a secure trip. Plus, your guide helps you spot wildlife and orientates you to your surroundings so you can identify what you are looking at when you’re in the air.⁠

B​ay Fishing

We went on a half-day fishing trip with Captain Ron with Seas the Days Charters. You can do a half-day or a full day. ⁠⁠We went in the off-season (November) and the weather was perfect! Captain Ron was amazing, and we had the best time. We were on the beautiful Laguna Madre for a private fishing charter for 1 to 5 passengers aboard a 22-ft Majek M2, equipped with 2 live wells, cooler, ice, bottled water, and dry storage for personal items. Seas The Days Charters specialize in catching Redfish, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, and Flounder.⁠

Don't forget to bring snacks and lunch, as well as other beverages that you will want (I recommend bringing extra water). I also recommend bringing a rash guard, hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

Photos by @colonial.farms.

P​elican Fun Fact

Getting UP in the air can be challenging without the help of the wind. Pelicans must run over the water while beating their big wings and pounding the surface of the water with both feet in unison to get enough speed for takeoff.⁠


Photos by @colonial.farms.

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