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Some of my Favorite House Plants

There are so many benefits to indoor plants . . . well just having plants in general! The most important benefit is their purification properties. Plants release oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide, purifying the area around them. If you have indoor plants, the air you are breathing is cleaner and healthier.

They are also known to sharpen focus, reduce stress, and even provide peace of mind.

Courtesy of Unsplash

Today, however, I am not going to get into the glory of houseplants, but rather share with you some of my favorite types of houseplants and where you can find them. Another post about all the wonderful things plants have to offer is coming soon!

Besides your local nurseries, you can also find all of these plants at Bloomscape. Bloomscape is a great source to not only purchase your houseplants but to learn more about each and every one of them along with green living. And the best part . . . these plants are PET FRIENDLY! Yup, I said it!

Peperomia Piper

This plant is easy-going, easy-care, pet and child friendly, and leaves a trail of beautiful leaves. This succulent-like peperomia likes to dry between waterings and can be placed in low to indirect light. You can easily propagate this plant to share with others or to grow your own collection.

Kimberly Queen Fern

This fern is known for its compact shape and easy care. Unlike its cousins, the Boston Fern and Dallas Fern, it doesn't shed nearly as much. This is a great plant for hanging baskets or plant hangers.

Bromeliad Pineapple

One word . . . editable fruit! This plan requires just a touch more maintenance. Each plant flowers only once. After fruiting, the Pineapple will create offshoots, also known as baby plants, that will eventually grow into a new plant.

Calathea Beauty Star

The leaves on this plant are stunning! The emerald green leaves display a feather-like striping pattern in pink and iridescent white. During the day, the leaves open up outwards from the center and in the evening, close up like hands in prayer.

Hoya Krohniana

This plant isn't as elegant as the rest, but it has a rustic charm that is undeniable. It's composed of a unique silver coloring, small compact leaves, and delicate vines. You are going to want to place this plant in indirect bright light to help it grow and flower, but it can be maintained in lower lighting as well. Water only when dry, but water thoroughly. This is another plant that is easy to propagate.

Courtesy of Unsplash

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