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Simmer Down

'Simmer Down' by Sarah Smith is such a good book! It's playful, but really dives into some serious issues at the same time AND it's steamy!! This is one of my favorite summertime reads. ⁠

Simmer Down by Sarah Smith
Simmer Down

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Nikki DiMarco knew life wouldn’t be all sunshine and coconuts when she quit her dream job to help her mom serve up mouthwatering Filipino dishes to hungry beachgoers, but she didn’t expect the Maui food truck scene to be so eat-or-be-eaten— or the competition to be so smoking hot.⁠

But Tiva’s Filipina Kusina has faced bigger road bumps than the arrival of Callum James. Nikki doesn’t care how delectable the British food truck owner is—he rudely set up shop next to her coveted beach parking spot. He’s stealing her customers and fanning the flames of a public feud that makes her see sparks.⁠

The solution? Let the upcoming Maui Food Festival decide their fate. The winner keeps the spot. Loser pounds sand. But the longer their rivalry simmers, the more Nikki starts to see a different side of Callum…a sweet, protective side. Is she brave enough to call a truce? Or will trusting Callum with her heart means jumping from the frying pan into the fire?

Amazon link to purchase the book - Simmer Down

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