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Rediscovering the Magic of Winter

As I sit here with my virtual fireplace, curled up on the couch as the freezing rain comes down outside, I can't help thinking about the joy winter can bring. The magic in the season, the snow, and the warmth that it brings. Yes, I described the season of cold as joyful and magical . . .

When we were children, the magic of winter is the comfort it brings. As adults, we get caught up in the day-to-day and being parents that we lose sight of this magic and as a result, we end up focusing on the inconveniences of winter. But what about building a snowman, making snow angels, sledding, snowball fights, the holiday season, warm slow-cooked meals, twinkling lights, the time it gives us to slow down and reset, time spent with loved ones, and the regrowth that winter brings? All of these things only can come in the midst of the cold. Without it, we wouldn't have all of these beautiful and magical things to celebrate and appreciate.

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I don't know about you, but I think it's time that we rediscover the magic of winter. Here are some suggestions for taking a step back, being mindful of the season, and enjoying all the wonderful things it brings.

Decorating With Lights: Add some twinkle and some light into your life during the cold months to help balance the cold. Sting them over beds, across door frames, on top of cabinets, on your patio, and front porch.

"And in the quiet moments of early winter evenings, the light is there to remind us that there is always hope. Darkness cannot survive for long. Shadows only exist because the light is coming." - Teagan Olivia Sturmer

Have Fun in the Snow: Unleash your inner child and build a snowman, have a snowball fight, go sledding, or create snow angels. Be in the moment, feel the softness of the snow, and embrace everything it has to offer, including the warmth it provides afterward (warm fuzzy blankets, a steaming cup of hot cocoa, a crackling fireplace, and a hot meal).

Soak in a Warm Bath: There's a stillness and a quiet that goes along with soaking in the tub . . . embrace it! Enjoy the peace of mind, the calm. Slip in a bath bomb or some bubbles, light some candles, turn on some calming background music (if that is preferable), and just close your eyes and focus on your breathing. When you emerge from the tub, not only is your body going to feel relaxed and cleansed, but your mind is going to feel at peace and reenergized.

Courtesy of Unsplash

Cook a Warm Meal: There is something about knowing that you have a nice, warm meal waiting for you.

Get Cozy: Wrap yourself in warm, fuzzy blankets, oversized sweaters, and wool socks. Light some extra candles around the house, brew a cup of tea or hot cocoa and relax in front of a crackling fireplace. If you don't have a fireplace, turn on a virtual one. The sound of an actual fire crackling will warm you up mentally which in return, warms you up physically.

Read a Good Book or Journal: Winter gives us time to slow down and reset. This is the perfect time to pull out that book you have been wanting to read or write down some thoughts and feelings that you need to get out. Curl up in front of your fireplace (real or virtual) with a steaming cup of cocoa or tea and immerse yourself in your book or take the time to reflect on the season and mentally check in with yourself.

"Winter writing calls for tea and blankets, knit socks, and notebooks filled with scribblings." - Teagan Olivia Sturmer

Get in Touch With Your Creative Side: Since we are stuck inside more often, this is the perfect time to unleash your creative side or even rediscover your creative side. This could mean creating new meals or filling the house with baked goods or busting out the sewing machine or that scrapbook you have been wanting to start. Dig out that paint set that has been collecting dust or finally start that book you have been wanting to write. Whatever your creative outlet is, now is the perfect time to rediscover or discover your hidden talents.

Celebrate the Holidays: The holidays are magical in themselves and honestly my favorite time of the year. The last three months of the year are my absolute favorite. There is so much to celebrate! Whether it's the first snowfall or chill in the air, the fall season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, homemade cocoa, homecooked meals, spiced drinks, or the new year, there is always something to celebrate. Embrace everything that winter represents and celebrate life and the changing of the season.

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