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Hanging Lake - Glenwood Springs, Colorado

One of the most talked-about hikes, Hanging Lake isn't for the faint of heart. 1 mile with a 1,200-foot climb, not to mention some heights, this trail requires some physical fitness, patience, and planning ahead.

But the view at the top, and even the trail itself, is well worth the climb!

Photos by @colonial.farms. You can find more images located in 'The Gardeners Portfolio".

Important Information

In order to accomplish this beautiful hike, a reservation is required. Permits cost $12.00 per person and include shuttle bus transportation from the Hanging Lake Welcome Center to the trailhead and back.

There are no restrooms on the trail, so be sure to use the facilities before you start your hike. Also, whatever you pack in, you must pack out.

Also, YOU CANNOT SWIM in the lake.

What to Pack + What to Wear

Make sure to pack plenty of water! A 1,200-foot climb in 1 mile is no joke. You are also going to want to make sure your hiking shoes have good grips, as most of the trail is rocks. Some other things I highly recommend packing are a hiking stick, snacks, hydration packets, and layers. It is Colorado and the weather tends to change its mind frequently.

You are good to wear shorts, the path is pretty clear. I would also recommend wearing a light breathable shirt. Part of the trail is in the sun depending on the time of day and it can get hot, however, while in the shade it can cool down quickly. Bring a thin long sleeve as a layering option. Hiking shoes with good grip are a must.

Recommendations Near By

The town of Glenwood Springs is beautiful and has a lot of cute local shops and some pretty amazing restaurants. Be sure to take time to explore the town! Here are some of my favorite recommendations.

Restaurants: Smoke (bbq), Italian Underground, and Kanpai Sushi & Bar (sushi).

Lodging: Glenwood Hot Springs Resort

Other: Glenwood Hot Springs and Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park

Photos by @colonial.farms. You can find more images located in 'The Gardeners Portfolio".

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