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Grow Your Own Herbs

When I was getting started, and still to this day, my "Grow Your Own Herbs" book by Susan Belsinger & Arthur O. Tucker was my herb dictionary. I still heavily rely on this book when I want to branch out of my comfort zone and grow a new herb I haven't grown before or if I need to relocate where my herbs are growing, I like to just double check that what I am doing is correct (I tend to second guess myself . . . still).

If you are someone that loves to cook with fresh ingredients but doesn't know where to get started, then this is the perfect book for you!

Grow Your Own Herbs by Susan Belsinger & Arthur O. Tucker
Grow Your Own Herbs

Courtesy of Bing Images

For the gardener who cooks or the cook who loves fresh flavors, this easy-to-follow guide offers growing information, harvesting tips, and tasting notes for the forty best edible herbs. You'll also learn how to preserve and store your harvest, and simple recipes for pastes, syrups, and butter make it easy to use herbs year-round.

You can purchase your very own copy HERE.

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