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Farmhouse Delivery

If we are not growing it, we purchase our fruits and vegetables and most of our meats from Farmhouse Delivery. And the best part . . . mostly everything is coming from local farmers and ranchers!!! So not only are we supporting our local community, but we are consuming clean organic produce and meats. Sometimes if our community doesn't have what we need, we do purchase from out of state, however, the community of ranchers and farmers is nationwide so we take pride in being able to support our community in general.

Farmhouse partners with small, hardworking family farms, ranchers, and food artisans who align with its mission of regenerative agriculture and gardening. Whether it’s local or from out of state, the food they deliver to your door is the best there is. If you live in Texas, you can choose to purchase from local farmers and ranchers as opposed to ordering out of state.

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Farmhouse is located in Austin, Texas. They first source locally, but when items are not available through the local community, they partner with thoroughly-vetted vendors that meet the same guidelines they apply to their local producers.

THEY SUPPORT & BELIEVE IN THE COMMUNITY! I could not agree more! Whether it's supporting a farmer, rancher, producer, non-profit, or restaurant, their mission is rooted in the community. And what a better community to support than those who are not only providing for their families and others, off of the land naturally (meaning no artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners - ever) but also helping to restore the very land we live and breathe on!

There are so many great things about this company but if I sat here and explained more, y'all would end up being here for hours! So I am going to provide some bullet points of why I love this company and HIGHLY recommend them.

  • Their guidelines for meat are based on humane practices meaning pasture-raised, grass-fed, and no added hormones or antibiotics.

  • They actually care about this community and make an effort to establish a relationship with all of their vendors. They want you to know exactly where your food is coming from and actually go to each and every farm, ranch, non-profit, restaurant, or other location for the producer.

To learn more about this great company and even more amazing community check out their websites: Farmhouse Delivery (ordering food) / Farmhouse Delivery Blog

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