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Farmers Market - New Braunfels, Texas

Doesn't the saying go, "everything is bigger in Texas"? That may be true for most things, however, the farmer's markets tend to be more quaint and cater to small communities. Because there are so many smaller towns in Texas and each community has its own farmers market, each one is unique and caters to the community's needs.

Call me biased, but so far my favorite farmers market here in Texas would be the New Braunfels location, which happens to be home to Colonial Farms! It is filled with all of our local farmers and ranchers, with an abundance of produce, meats, cheeses, cooking oils, seasonings, dressing, and so much more.

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New Braunfels, commonly known as 'The Hill County', is a centralized location between San Antonio and Austin and is tucked nicely into the rolling hills and beautiful countryside. You wouldn't know that is home to over 75,000 people with how spread out everything is and its small-town feel. The people are so welcoming and you can not only sense the feeling of community, but you can see it.

The farmers market is year-round, however, I would avoid summer if you don't want to be among all the tourists! Because of the beautiful Comal and Guadalupe rivers that flow through the town, summer is packed full of out-of-towners spending their days floating the river and their evenings bar-hopping. Personally, I think that fall is the best time of year here. Everything is still stunning and it's nice and cool. You can enjoy being outside and not be freezing or melting your butt off.

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Location: Next to Krause's Cafe & Biergarten at 186 S Castell Ave, New Braunfels, TX 78130

When To Go: Year Round Every Saturday 9 am to 1 pm.

More Information: There is a lot of free parking in New Braunfels, however, there is a parking lot right across from the farmers market that is pay-to-park. If you don't mind walking a short distance, I highly recommend taking advantage of the free parking. You will find that you end up being at the farmer's market for most of the day.

The farmers market is in the parking lot of a German restaurant called 'Krauses'. This restaurant hosts live music during the farmer's market. All the locals go first thing to grab their groceries, then head over to Krauses for lunch, ice-cold beers, and some good local music. I highly recommend dining with the locals. Not only is the food delicious (my favorite is the Rueben), but it has a great outdoor sitting area and a community table section. Did I mention that they have over 30 beers on tap? Be sure to keep an eye out on when the locals start to mosie over. If you wait too long, you will be waiting for an hour or so to get in.

Here is the link for more information on the farmers market:

Here is the link for more information on Krause's Biergarten & Cafe:

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