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Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden

Austin, Texas is full of unique shops, restaurants, bars, and parks. There is so much to see, do, and explore in this city.

One spot that not only has great coffee, good beer, and food, but the atmosphere is so relaxing is Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden. This is the perfect spot to take your lunch break or even grab the computer and work remotely for the day.

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Cosmic was inspired by the owner's obsession with creating and cultivating an environment that embraced the principles of permaculture, sustainability, and regenerative gardening. On-site they harvest rainwater, utilize their chickens, on-site composting, biological ponds, raised gardens, and waterfall gardens that attract pollinators and provide them with herbs, nuts, vegetables, eggs, and fruit. Cosmic is even a nationally recognized wildlife habitat providing shelter, water, and food sources for a variety of animals right there on the grounds!

To learn more about this amazing place, check out their menu, and to explore the grounds, check out their website:

I recommend their seasonal coffee and drinks! SOOOO GOOD!

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