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Becoming a Flower Farmer

Farming has been a dream of mine for as long as I could remember, but my passion and desire to become a flower farmer didn't come until later in life. This interest really sparked for me when I heard about Floret.

Seeing all the beautiful flowers is what drew me in, but seeing the success that Erin (the owner and creator of Floret) had, and how she got started, is what tipped the scales. I have always loved filling all the rooms in my home with fresh flowers to match the season, and my yard to be a flower oasis, but I struggled with finding the ones I really wanted. Whether it be to plant or fresh cut flowers.

Then I saw the beauty of Floret. I finally found the flowers I have been looking for!

Courtesy of Bing Images. Floret Books at

I thought to myself, "How do I get those here, in my yard, and to fill my house?" I love gardening, so why not just grow my own? So now here we are, and Colonial Farms will have its own cut flower garden along with all its produce. But we have to start somewhere right? So as Colonial Farms works on building its dream, we are starting with a simple patio garden (I say simple, but may go a little overboard with the gardening in such a space) and a community garden.

I don't have a natural green thumb, but I actually really love the hard work, digging in the dirt, the care it takes, and supporting myself, my family, and my community. So I am learning as I go! I had a dream that blossomed into Colonial Farms and we are finally putting everything into motion thanks to the hard work and support of my wonderful husband!

But let's talk about these books!

Courtesy of Bing Images. Floret Books at

I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!! Let's be honest, I love Floret and everything Erin has done. In fact, I am currently on the waiting list for her workshop starting this fall.

These books have already taught me so much! They are a wealth of information and are great for those of you who are serious about becoming your own flower gardener or even a florist. Or hey, both! I cannot recommend these books enough.

I ordered mine off of Amazon and they are a great price. But you can find out more information at Floret's website:

You don't need to be a professional to make your dream happen, you just need to have the motivation, desire, and drive!

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