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Arches National Park

The Arches National Park, located in Moab, Utah is breathtaking! Who knew that desert sand and rock formations could be so stunning?

Photos by @colonial.farms. You can find more images located in 'The Gardeners Portfolio".

The Arches National Park holds the highest density of rock arches on this planet with more than 2,000 arches within a 116-square-mile radius. About 300 million years ago, this region was once a watery basin. Leaving behind salt beds and the always-changing climate is what created these beautiful arches over time.

You can spend days among days exploring and still feel like you haven't seen it all. Between all the hiking trails, camping, scenic drives, rock climbing, biking, and off-road jeeping, Moab alone is a destination for the adventurer!

The park is open year-round, however, the best time to go is going to be during the spring and fall. This will give you moderate temperatures and put you in the peak of the wildflower season (during the spring). It's $25.00 per vehicle per week and allows for multiple entries.

Here are some of my favorite activities within the park itself!

  • Arches Scenic Drive

  • Delicate Arch Hike

  • Camping at Devils Garden

Photos by @colonial.farms. You can find more images located in 'The Gardeners Portfolio".

Arches Scenic Drive

If you are short on time and want to see as much as you can, then the scenic drive is going to be the best route! This 19-mile drive through the park starts from the floor of the Moab Canyon (the entrance) and goes all the way to Devils Garden (the campground).

With plenty of scenic pull-offs, the drive can take anywhere from half a day to a full day. If you are like me and want to hit ALL the scenic pull-offs and capture as many photos as possible, then defiantly plan on spending a full day doing just the scenic drive.

Make sure to bring the following:

  • Camera

  • Plenty of Water

  • Snacks/Lunch

  • Layers! The weather changes quickly in the desert.

Delicate Arch Hike

This trail is the most popular and the star of the show when you google Arches National Park. But despite its popularity, it is actually a fun hike! 3 miles roundtrip, gaining 500 feet in elevation climbing slickrock with some crazy winds depending on the time of year, this is no easy feat. The views and the challenge alone is defiantly worth it!

You're going to want to make sure you have the proper gear and are prepared to be able to fully enjoy this hike. Here are some recommended gear and tips.

  • Make sure your shoes have good grips! You are literally climbing slickrock the entire time.

  • Windbreaker

  • Plenty of Water

  • Snacks/Lunch

  • Sunscreen (no shade)

  • Camera

Photos by @colonial.farms. You can find more images located in 'The Gardeners Portfolio".

Camping Devils Garden

Located 18 miles from the park entrance, Devils Garden is the only campground located within the park and has a 7-day limit. It's open year-round with 24 of the sites being first-come first-serve. The remaining 27 sites are for reservations. It's $20.00 a night and there are no hookups and no showers.

Off-Road Jeeping

Outside the confinements of the park, one of my other favorite activities and something Moab is most known for (besides the National Park) is its jeeping! If you don't have your own off-road vehicle, then you can rent some, although it's not going to be cheap.

Photos by @colonial.farms. You can find more images located in 'The Gardeners Portfolio".

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