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A Gardeners Toolbelt

The best place to get started is with your tool kit. Gardening is a learning curve and not everything that works for everybody else is going to work for you, however, the tools are pretty universal.

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I know plenty of gardeners, including myself, that agree . . . the most important tool in your tool kit is your gardening journal! When trying to grow plants and flowers that thrive, keeping a log of your gardening activities is not only beneficial for your harvest but is a wonderful way to engage more fully in the joy of gardening. The purpose of a gardening journal is to help you focus on recording your observations and experiences over a course of a year to better your harvest for the following year.

You can record information such as your compost bin record, sun log (this is very important when planning the plot/layout of your garden), your yearly garden design and goals, pests and diseases log, plant log, and so much more! My absolute favorite gardening journal is "My Gardening Journal" from Quiet Fox Designs. You can order this from Amazon.

Here is a checklist to get you started on building your tool kit. I recommend starting with what you absolutely need first and growing from there as your gardening skills and garden itself grow. I also linked some of my favorite tools.

Gardeners Tool Kit Checklist

Gloves Hand Rake

Kneepads Hand-Weeding Tool

Galoshes Garden Scissors

Gardening Hat Pruning Shears

Tool Bucket/Belt Wheelbarrow

Garden Waste Bags Stepladder

Garden Hose (with sprayer/water wand) Garden Shears/Hedge Clippers

Watering Can Axe/Pickax

Garden String/Twine Hatchet

Hand Towel Loppers

Bulb Planter Leaf Rake

Dibber Shovel

Hand Pruners Hoe

Spade Digging Fork

Hand Cultivator Pitchfork

Enjoy and happy growing!

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