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Growing Plants


What Does The Farm Offer?

Every farm has to start somewhere, whether it's a simple patio garden, a community garden, or a couple of acres of land. We are not experts but we strongly believe in community, growth, and sharing our knowledge with those that will listen. There are big dreams for the farm and soon Colonial Farms will offer the community support

and growth by soon providing organic, local produce and fresh-cut flowers. For now, stay tuned for our successes and failures in gardening as we share our knowledge in everything gardening and insight to farming communities and travel around the world.

Herb Plants


In Each and Every Moment

Colonial Farms was born from the love of everything farming! Growing our own food not only provides for us and our family, but it provides for our community. Meesha and Victor are big believers in harvesting your own land and using that land to provide for and nurture your family. Relying on ourselves! 


It is so rewarding when you put in all the hard work, sweat, sometimes tears, and love into your crops and get to watch the growth and the reward . . . an abundance of beautiful, healthy crops! This love of farming not only benefits us, but it benefits our community and shows our support! 


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